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DR Performance Practice Deck 1.0

Performance Deck 1.0 is back in stock!

This product has been so popular, we sold out the first production run unexpectedly! The next run has arrived and is available through the site store, or for purchase from Brazos Custom Gunworks, Predator Tactical, Double Alpha Academy, and MLE Shooting Sports.

Finally, a tool that answers the question: "What should I practice?". The DR Performance Practice Deck 1.0 includes 52 different shooting drills that will test and refine every facet of your game. How do you use it? Simple. Shuffle the deck, draw a card, shoot the drill. Repeat as needed.

Order one today!

Race Master Holster

About a month ago, I published an initial review of the DoubleAlpha Academy's new Race Master holster. I promised an updated review once I'd spent some more time with the holster, so... here we go!


Race Master Holster

In my 16-some-odd year shooting career, I've had a number of different holsters on my belt. Inevitably, choosing a holster seems to come down to choosing the one who's downsides you most wanted to put up with. I've used Safariland 009 and 012s, the original Limcat, the pinless Ghost, the Guga Ribas, and now the CR Speed holster, and have found all of them lacking in one way or another. Recently, a new holster hit the market that promised to have all the good and none of the bad - the Race Master, made by Double Alpha Academy. I decided to give one a test, and see how it stacks up against the other holsters I've used.

I should note that this is an initial review, based on spending a week with the holster. I will be writing an update after I've spent more time with it and had a chance to see how it performs in several matches and practices.


The second run of the DR Performance Practice Deck is now back in stock!