About Dave Re and DR Performance Shooting

Practice Deck 1.0 cover

I began my USPSA shooting career in 1993, shortly after turning 21, while I was going to school at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, GA. After 6 years of competition, I took a 6 year hiatus, in the mean time moving to Austin, TX. I took up the sport again in 2005, and received my Grand Master classification 2 years later in 2007. In 2012, I relocated to Santa Cruz, CA.

I've always enjoyed helping other shooters improve their skills. Seeing them succeed is a thrill matched by few others. Once I received my GM card, I made the decision to "hang my shingle", and start offering my services as a shooting instructor and coach to the world at large. I formed DR Performance Shooting as a way to make that possible.

DR Performance Shooting offers the best in training services and products. If there's anything I can do for you, please contact me!

In early 2009, I published an article in the CrossFit Journal describing my successes with using CrossFit as a fitness platform for practical shooting. In mid-2009, I released my first shooting product, the DR Performance Practice Deck 1.0. Look for more exciting things in the future!

I'm proud to endorse Brazos Custom Gunworks Please consider them for your next shooting related purchase!

Outside of shooting...

I moved out to California in June, 2012 to pursue work with CrossFit, and found myself in a job that combines the majority of my interests into one dream-size package. It's an honor to be working on this team!

Photography is a passion of mine - I own and operate a small photography business, as well - Dave Re Photography. Speaking of photography, a number of the photos on the site were provided by Austin based photographer Peter Tsai. The match photo in the front page roller was taken by Michelle Dehan at PhotoMotion Photography.

When I'm not busily attending to those ventures, I love spending time with my wife and three miniature dacshunds.

Good luck - and shoot lots of A-holes ;)