The 2008 Texas Open was held May 9-11 in Waco, TX at the Central Texas Rifle and Pistol Club. This match hadn't been held in several years - and apparently may not happen again very soon, for various reasons. But, the match offered a rather significant prize table ($1000 cash to the winner of Open and Limited divisions, and cash back to 1st through 3rd in all classes in each division), and attracted a lot of talent.

Here's my video - more after the jump...

As you can see from the video, this just wasn't a stellar match for me. Lots of extra shots, and a few penalties that I could've done without. I had a hard time getting started on Saturday - my roommate and I were awoken in the middle of the night by my car alarm going off (luckily, everything was fine), and it was hard to get back to sleep from there. Neither one of us was well rested for the next day, it seems. Obviously, that doesn't excuse spotty performance - the rest of my season has shown much of the same - but it didn't help anything out, either.

Ok, whining out of the way... The match was quite a challenge. Match director Arthur Brown really did a great job of presenting hard, but fair challenges. The longest shots in the match were around 18 yards - but it was rare to shoot at a target that was not protected by no-shoots, hardcover, or both. The stages were mostly pretty technical, as well, demanding accurate position entry and exit for best economy of motion (and, hence, speed). There was definitely no room for error, and it was hard to make up lost ground, due to the risks involved in trying to push on any of these stages.

Even though I performed sub-par, I still had a great time shooting the match, and had a great time hanging out on Squad 8. Being on a squad of folks who work hard at resetting and clearing the stage is really a blessing.

Here's to hoping that the match organizers and staff at CTRPC find a way to make this match happen again next year!!!