Practice Deck 1.0 cover

The DR Performance Practice Deck represents a new way to practice for practical shooting sports. Consisting of 52 basic shooting drills superimposed on a normal deck of playing cards, the deck allows you to have a thorough, fun, and effective practice session while avoiding the inevitable question "Well, what do I do now?". Its small, light, and fits easily in your shooting bag. And, in a pinch (like a long delay between stages at a match), it can even serve as a normal deck of playing cards.

It's HERE!

The DR Performance Practice Deck 1.0 has just arrived from the printer! Pre-orders will ship in the next day. The deck is currently for sale in the Store on this site.

Look for it at your favorite shooting supplies vendor, too! If they don't carry it, point them my way!

In addition, I plan on implementing a feature on this website that will allow you to log your scores on each drill, along with your name, division, classification, etc. You'll be able to then compare your scores against the other folks who have logged data, giving you some idea of where you're at vs. your fellow competitors. This might take me a little while to assemble - but stay tuned!