XRE….ReGun…Dave Re….He's a man of many identities but with one common purpose: to encourage, instruct, and inspire others to shoot better. He certainly has done so for me.

I met Dave on the Brian Enos forums. There are many different personalities and opinions to sort through on the forum but Dave stood out as someone who really knew what he was talking about. It was with this confidence that I sent him an email one day and asked him a question. I needed load data for my new open gun and I just knew in my heart that Dave would have the answer. He did. He had an awesome spread sheet with various loads that were spot on. This saved me a tremendous amount of time and frustration.

My journey continued as I decided to keep an on line range diary through the forum entitled Calamity Jane: Journey of a woman. Dave's feedback, encouragement and support really helped me stay on track in 2007. I found his advice to be sound, tested, and true.

This year my journey continues as I strive to find a higher mastery of shooting. This year my range diary is entitled Calamity Jane: Training to win. I realized I needed more formal mentoring than what my range diary could offer. Who did I call? Dave Re. I asked him if he would help me on a formal basis and he has done so. Having a mentor/coach has many benefits. One of those benefits is learning from someone who has experience. We all are climbing the same ladder. It helps when others who have gone before us can tell us how to climb. Dave has helped me by providing: ideas for practice, reading recommendations of shooting books, formulation of goals and is currently assisting me with performance analysis.

My intention is to train to win in 2008. I believe Dave Re is part of the formula to get that done.

Thanks Dave!

Jane Ball