I'm titling this email "feedback" rather than critique, 'cause I can't think of what to be critical about.

I definitely felt that we had your attention.

You weren't spending your time showing us how good you are. Numerous times you asked, " What else do we need to cover?", not because you didn't know what to do, but because you were making sure you met our needs/expectations. This is good. I thought it was good making sure we were actually sighted in and understood trigger control at the start of the class. I took another class (much larger group) that didn't do this, and it would have helped some shooters with the rest of the day. I thought you were organized in what you wanted to present, there wasn't any head scratching and butt scratching with that, "duh, I guess we'll shoot El Prez a bunch of times, that always burns up ammo."

I like the approach of 1) here's how I think a skill should be performed, and one or two optional ways to do it, 2) now you do it, 3) do you need to do that some more or can you take that home and work on it? I never felt that I couldn't say, "Wait, I need to run that another time or two." Of course that may have had as much to do with having Ken as fellow student as having you as instructor. Time and funds allowing, I will probably be in contact to do this some more in early winter. I liked it, and know I can benefit from it. Tomorrow I'm going to practice!