Lanny Bassham says, "If you want to get better, find out what the top competitors are doing and how they train."

I came across Dave Re's posts on the Brian Enos forms at the end of last year. Luckily for me, Dave is a generous person and his blog has a lot of helpful information.

I had reached a plateau in my shooting performance, I was throwing a lot of lead downrange in practice and not seeing any improvement. Dave's articles on "What do I need to practice?" and "Standards Drills for Practice" were paramount in my success. I contacted Dave and he was very helpful in helping me come up with goals, critiquing my match videos and things I should focus or work on. I started the work on my end and implement the drills into my practice routine Finally, I felt like I had found the road map that I had been looking for. There are many ways to get to the top, but Dave has a tested and proven way to do it. The drills have a little bit of everything and emphasize all the right things you need to focus on. One of the goals I had was to reach Master class by the end of 2008. Well, with Dave's help I was able to do it in half the time. I will continue to use Dave as a resource in my shooting performance and Dave has shown me the way to get that 'G' in front of the 'M'.

Thanks Dave! Mitch Mora TY58112