I shoot a wide range of sports and I have spent thousands of dollars on lessons including getting a formal certification as a Sporting Clays instructor. I moved to the top classification of that game and the top class in Sportsman’s Team Challenge. I placed in the top 17 at the World Steel Challenge in 2007. I have spent 18 years searching for the “Next Level” in many games. A few years ago when I stopped shooting Sporting Clays I looked for a new game.

USPSA shooting. I thought would be an easy game to “Master”. I had speed and I had accuracy. I found “that” was not enough.

I knew to look for help and I did get help from several great sportsmen. This past year Dave Re, with promises of commitment on my part, agreed to coach me.

Dave Re has the good foundation of seeking help from some of the very best. He also has the Skill of Observation. He showed me the areas to focus my efforts on to take my shooting to the next level by adding more skills to complete my game, such as improving my setup when I move into position, and adjusting my stance to pick up fractions of a second. Progressing this past year from 82% to 88% is a hard climb for a 51 year old man. I know I have not yet reached my full potential and Dave will continue to be a part of my training.

Without his guidance I do not think I would have moved up to Master Class in 2007. Hard work will take you a long way Smart work with take you to your Goals. No one will progress on lessons without work on their own. Dave can help most anyone work smarter and in the right direction.

Dave will always be a part of my shooting, as part of his guidance in now part of my shooting foundation. Thanks Dave.

Jamie Foote TY18956